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Soap production – traditional with
state-of-the-art technology

We have been using the latest and best soap production technology for over 160 years. We continually invest in the most modern high performance lines whilst simultaneously maintain our existing technology. This ensures the speed and efficiency of our production processes as well as our ability to manufacture short runs at reasonable costs.

Our high performance lines

Fifteen high performance lines are dedicated to the efficient production of bulk amounts. The soaps are produced and packaged with maximum automation throughout all production stages. An approximate 500 million pieces of soap are produced annually with consistent, high quality as a result of the close monitoring of our quality control.

Flexible production lines for short runs

Not everyone is satisfied with a standard soap. However, our high performance lines are not suitable for the production of individual compositions or formats. However, we are well-positioned to respond flexibly. Short run production lines connected to a variety of customized packaging machines make it possible for us to manufacture high quality, short run product series.

Automated packaging

A large number of simple formats and standard packaging solutions can be processed on our high performance lines. This includes paper wrappers, folding boxes and simple foil packaging. Short runs can also be automatically packaged – not as quickly but therefore customized and high quality. Short runs from our own manufacture are lovingly packed by hand.

Hand packaging

Automated packaging is not designed for the wrapping of gifts. Therefore, luxurious and elaborate gifts are wrapped individually by hand. We have been working closely with a regional sheltered workshop for many years and their employees gladly carry out this work.