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Our history – a quick look at 160 years
of Kappus soap

1848 Perfumer Johann Martin Kappus founded the M. Kappus Feinseifen- und Parfümeriefabrik in Offenbach/Main
1871 The first soap brand from the world  “Kappus Konkurrenzseife” was released on the market
1890 - 1933 The second generation
The three Kappus sons, Adolf, Ludwig and Martin Jr., joined the company and successfully managed it throughout the First World War, global economic crises and inflation
1933 - 1975 The third generation
Ludwig’s oldest son, Alfons, took over the management of the company. Up to 80% of the company was destroyed during World War Two. Alfons rebuilt it after the war, interrupted by a new reparation period in 1947, and overcame the soap crisis which resulted in the shutting down of 90% of his fellow soap manufacturers
1948 100 year anniversary on the day of the German currency reform
1960 - today The fourth generation
Alfons’s son, Wolfgang Kappus, joined the company after completing his business management studies and three years employment at a company in Canada. Exports were expanded to over 80 countries
1965 - 1970 Alfons Kappus developed a process for the continuous manufacture of clear soaps. M.Kappus became global market leader in this sector
1971 A department for the development and management of own label brands was affiliated
1986 - today The fifth generation
Patricia Kappus-Becker, Wolfgang’s oldest daughter, joined the company
1992 Purchase of the Konsumseifenwerks in Riesa and founding of the Kappus-Seifen GmbH Riesa & Co. KG
1998 150 year anniversary in Offenbach/ M.
2000 German patent issued for floating soap
2004 The family business purchases the former Henkel company, Dreiring-Werk GmbH, as its third production facility
European patent issued for floating soap
2011 100 year anniversary in Riesa
2004 - today Cooperation and specialization of the three production facilities, Offenbach/ M., Riesa, Krefeld with a total annual capacity of 50,000 tons (500 million pieces)