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Soap – the hygienic revolution

Soap finally entered our homes for good in the 1900s when the Industrial Revolution made mass soap production affordable. This dramatically decreased the spread of diseases, effectively doubling our life expectancy within the span of only 150 years.

Two effects of soap were responsible for starting the hygienic revolution:

  1. Soap dissolves and emulsifies fat, disposing it along with the dirt in the wash water. This effectively removes skin irritants and bacteria from the skin’s surface.
  2. The high pH value of soap and soapsuds are considered bactericidic and bacteriostatic. This means that a thorough washing with soap stops the spread of germs on your skin.

Incidentally: the surface of soap is virtually bacteria-free!

Other hygiene products may appear "more convenient" or "cooler," but the anti-bacterial effect of soap remains unsurpassed.