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ROOTS – a hand crafted tradition with historic compositions

Our experienced soapmakers have been continually improving and refining their compositions over decades. The result can be felt in our ROOTS Series: gentle, sustainable skin care which could hardly be more modern. Returning to traditional roots smooths the way to the future.

The natural ingredients used for this series – milk fat, almond oil, honey and elderberry extract – are cosmetically tested raw materials which have been used in skin care products for decades. All ingredients used in this series are skin friendly and ecologically harmless.



The tanning agents and oils extracted from the elderberry blossom have a cleansing effect. Its high Vitamin C content also gives elderberry skin soothing and balancing properties.


is primarily made of Vaseline and und skin nurturing additives. It forms a protective layer on the skin and inhibits the loss of moisture.

Almond oil

has been valued since antiquity as a high quality skin care product. It contains unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid. Its moisturing effect is particularly effective for dry and baby skin.

Honey and Milk

contains large amounts of amino acids, minerals, Vitamin C and B as well as the trace elements iron and zinc. Honey also displays light antiseptic qualities. Furthermore, its high sugar concentration has a hygroscopic effect that keeps your skin moist.