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Fruit based products – fresh fragrances for your skin

Everybody has a favorite fruit – one that inspires, refreshes, stimulates and simply makes you happy. The unique fragrance of that fruit can now be enjoyed on your skin – with our soaps.

Fruits of Wellness – create an oasis of relaxation

Fruits of Wellness with refreshing citrus nuances and sweet berry varieties – these fresh, fruity and modern fragrances transport you to an oasis of wellness. The series is continually updated with the most modern fragrances in close cooperation with leading perfumers worldwide.

Our compositions are traditionally based on a neutral oil saponification process and are very well tolerated. The pleasant summer fragrances leave a light perfumed note on your skin.

Summer fruits – an invigorating experience for your skin

Imagine the fragrance of crisp apples, juicy red strawberries or fresh citrus fruits. Why wait for the next harvest when you can enjoy these beautiful summer scents on your skin and in your soul all year round?

The indelible lightness of summer comes alive in these transparent soaps. Alfons Kappus developed his unique recipe for transparent soaps as early as 1965 as the third generation managing director of Kappus Soap – a groundbreaking development in the traditional art of soapmaking and a market revolution. Here you have the original.