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Floral products – an enchanting sea of fragrances

Every floral fragrance sends its own unmistakable message – love, security, happiness, health or luck. That’s why they always enchant our senses. They are and remain wonderful and magical, always modern.

A bouquet of romantic flowers. Beguiling scents that live eternal

The love of romantic fragrances is timeless. When Anais Nin turned the perfumery trend in the 1980s towards romantic fragrances, the Kappus soap manufacturer introduced the romantic fragrance "White Magnolia." Even today, this fragrance remains unchanged.

Six further romantic fragrances followed with the result that this product series achieved worldwide recognition and became the popular Kappus Romantic Series.

These beautiful round soaps with their precious, embossed surface are a luxurious accessory for your soap dish and envelope your bathroom in a sophisticated, perfumed scent. The addition of pearlescent pigment makes the soap appear shiny and exclusive – an optic no other manufacturer has yet to achieve.

Classic modern fragrances: Rose, lily of the valley and lavender

Rose, lily of the valley and lavender – once known as grandmotherly scents, are back in fashion. Kappus offers several series which feature these classic fragrances. They are differentiated by nuances in fragrance, perfume quantities and soap shapes..