Our world of soaps – we offer you a wide
selection of products

The retail trade – both in Germany and abroad – most actively selects products from our broad portfolio. The breadth and depth of our assortment leaves no wish unfulfilled. The following products can be found in our collection:

Fine soaps

Our fine soaps contain only the finest plant based or animal fats. Both varieties exclusively feature food quality ingredients and a meticulous selection of raw materials.

Transparent soaps

With a base of either plant or animal fat, our transparent soaps exclusively feature food quality ingredients. Transparent soaps are characterized by their translucency and their high glycerine content.

Natural cosmetics

We market our natural soaps under the brand "Natural Wellness." They are certified by NaTrue as natural cosmetics and are available as both fine and transparent soaps.

Syndets (soap-free cleansing bars)

We manufacture these synthetic tensides by further processing the base ingredients in our production facilities. A trusted cooperation with our supplier spanning several decades ensures the highest quality in the development of new compositions.

Combibars (natural and synthetic tensides)

These soap compositions combine the benefits of natural soaps with those of syndets.

Base soap noodles

A careful selection in our choice of raw materials and long experience in the manufacturing of base soaps are decisive for the quality of base soap noodles. Continual development and 400 years of soap experience within the Kappus Group ensure consistent high quality. We currently offer more than 10 different base soap noodles.

Liquid soap

We rely on the expertise of our partner in the development of our high quality compositions for liquid soap.

Shaving soaps and shaving creams

We manufacture shaving creams with high foam stability as sticks, in jars and as tube creams.