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Private label compositions – tailored to your vision

We will develop a custom composition just for you. Simply choose between one of our many base soaps, fragrances, colors and forms - and let us compose a unique product tailored to your vision: regardless of whether you need a fine soap, transparent soap, plant based oil soap, a syndet (soap-free cleansing bar), liquid soap or a shaving soap or cream.

Soap compositions and formulations – for your sales success

Our world of soaps offers an almost unlimited variety with a soap portfolio that extends from the most simple curd soap to special cleaning soaps (such as gall soap) and exquisitely fragrant luxury soaps. We can develop the right formulation for every one of your products according to your specifications.

Our forms – for soaps in all shapes and sizes

Standard formats
Round, oval or square. These are our most common standard forms and we offer these classic shapes in a variety of weights and formats. Standard forms have been optimized for our production lines, making them ideal for cost effective production and packaging. They can also be easily branded with our small embossing platelets.

Custom formats
We actively work with more than 100 different forms on a regular basis. However, you can access many additional forms in our archives or we can develop forms, figures or flowers according to your individual vision. There are no limits to the creative potential of soap. These soaps can also be branded using our small embossing platelets.

Design development
Our design department is available to offer you professional support throughout your product development.